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JK Pockets™

  • If I install JK Pockets and decide I don’t like them can I re-install the factory netting?
    Not without buying new factory pieces and having a dealer install them. The factory netting is attached to each trim piece using a special retainer piece. The factory trim piece is attached to each door using heat posts, which are melted and bond with the door panel. Removal of the trim piece requires removal of the door panel, and then carefully grinding down each post so it releases from the door panel. If you later decided you wanted the netting back you would need to buy each trim piece with the netting attached, and have a dealer install them.
  • Does installation require the removal of the door panels?
    No. One of our primary goals in designing JK Pockets was to make installation very easy so anyone can install them.
  • I run a lot with the top off, will these fill with water if I get caught in the rain?
    No. These are not sealed pockets. Since they are open on the back side there's no need for holes because the water will run out the bottom through the trim surround.
  • How long does it take to install each piece?
    Installation is as simple as cutting out the netting, and then inserting each pocket into the trim piece. It takes about 5-10 minutes to install each piece.
  • Are they real carbon fiber?
    No, real carbon fiber would be cost prohibitive. It is a carbon fiber pattern in the plastic.
  • Will you offer different colors?
    We may expand the line to additional colors based on feedback we get from the community.
  • Will you offer different styles?
    We may expand the line to different styles depending on the success of JK Pockets.