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Yamaha ATV

Inner Rotor Rock Guards - YFZ450


Replacement Inner Rotor Rock Guards for your Yamaha YFZ450/450R. Keep rocks out of your calipers and prevent the wheels from locking up. These are a strong plastic with an extruded carbon fiber look and feel right into the plastic. Sold as a pair and...

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2009 - 2022 YFZ450R Roost Guard - Vented


Our Yamaha YFZ450R Roost Guard is stage 1 defense against mud and rocks getting to your radiator, while still letting air flow through for cooling. Made of 1/4 poly it is very strange and can withstand hard hits from rocks. Weighs in at only 5.3 oz...

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Poly Sprocket Guard - Smooth - YFZ450R


Protect your chain with our YFZ450R sprocket guard. Made of 1/2" HDPE poly it can take a beating. The bolt holes have aluminum spacers so the bolt and washer doesn't dig into the poly. Our version allows for changing the sprocket without removing most...

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