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About JK Pockets™

JK Pockets™ are the first "real" door pockets for the 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK!

Like many JK owners we found the factory door netting to not be very useful, and even worse if anything with any weight is put into the netting it stretches out. Depending on where you live, the age of your JK, and how often you run with the top off you also find that the netting starts to deteriorate and fall apart. Many owners just end up not using the door nets at all, and some resort to just cutting it out because it ends up looking terrible.

We searched every nook and cranny for a solution and the only option we found was a metal molle panel. We didn't like the look of that so we set out on a mission - determined to make something useful, stylish, and easy to install.

After many months of prototyping, testing, and refining the design, we finally accomplished what we set out to do!

JK Pockets™ are HANDMADE in southern California. 

General Features

  • Made from aircraft-grade, fire retardant plastic
  • Excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, rigidity, and chemical resistance
  • Easy to install - takes an average of 5 minutes per piece
  • Pressure fit - no rattles and requires no tape
  • Optimized depth - no interference with other factory features and unobtrusive to the occupants
  • Stepped feature across the top edge for increased rigidity

Lower Dash Pocket Features

  • Works with both automatic and manual transmissions
  • Perfect cell phone holder - will fit two phones side-by-side

Door Pocket Features

  • Optimized depth to minimize catching foot during vehicle entry and exit, and also to minimize the chance of interfering with occupants leg (note: the passenger front area is narrower than the driver side so the pocket may slightly touch the occupant's leg)
  • 45 degree angle on the forward edge - this offers better foot deflection in the event of impact during vehicle exit
  • 25 degree bottom and rear angles - again offers foot deflection when entering the vehicle

Install and Review Video

by O3D Jeeps


Note: The carbon fiber JK Pockets™ are not real carbon fiber. It is a carbon fiber pattern in the plastic.



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